Sunday, August 7, 2016

Seventy-one and counting?!

For a long time I've told my students to explore their passions and publish outside of the classroom walls.  This is what I'm hoping to do as well. My passion for technology and teaching meet the high traffic of the Internet!

Me in my classroom
With a full course load to teach, a husband, two kids and a house to care for I haven't had much time to experiment with new technology.  But this all changed last school year when I learned I was to have 71 students in my AP Psychology class - in only two sections!  (For reasons I'll get into later, I couldn't add a third section of psych to my teaching load.) Consequently I had to think of something interesting to do in order to reach as many of the 71 students as I could.  My research brought me to the flipped classroom idea.  I thought "I'm going to give this a whirl!"  In my early days of teaching I would get so excited to use new technologies.  I even remember staying late after school during 1997 to prepare for my first PowerPoint!  ;)

I spent the majority of last school year ('15-'16) researching and implementing flipped classroom strategies.  It was invigorating, exciting and students responded so positively to it!  (And by the start of school the 71 landed at 58!)  I've decided to chronicle my use of technology in hopes that others can benefit from my experiences.  There are so many flipped classroom/technology blogs out there so thank you for visiting mine. Please share the link to this blog with anyone who's interested. :)

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