Thursday, September 29, 2016

School Librarians are a Blessing!

If my last 20 years of teaching have taught me nothing, I've learned that school librarians are a true blessing.  Not only do they have a talent for giving book talks, working with disenfranchised students and making an order for $5 look like $15, they are the most organized folks on the planet.  Over the years our school librarians have worked to bring us so many resources they are too many to name.  Our current librian, Sue ---- has been the the queen of organization for our seven, yes that's right seven, Chromebook carts.
Over the last three years my district has been approved for and ordered 210 Chromebooks for student use in the classrooms.  (Every teacher has also been issued a Chromebook as well.) These 'books' were divided into seven carts.  Here's the organization and sign out process:
1. One cart is housed in each of the five teacher centers in the building. 
2. The other two are kept for library use.
3. Sue created a Google Sheet that has a space for the date, the class period and the room number for a teacher to type in his/her name. 
4. Each teacher is responsible for sending the cart on to the next teacher's room. 
5. Below is a screen shot of the Google Sheet....So far it's working fantastically!
Sue is one in a long line of librarians who work so hard for a our students for so little credit.  The passion librians have for information is extraordinary. The passion they have for students and helping these students is inspirational.  

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