Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Student Blogs Help to Explore Interests

This week my students will begin their Interest Blogs.  This is a take on Catlin Tucker's Passion Blog assignment.  Students in my Humanities classes will begin exploring an interest, a passion or a hobby while blogging about it online.  We'll be using as a platform since our school is on Chromebooks.  The technical piece for students can be challenging.  But once students get that under control, blogging allows them to do a few things:

Helps to give them a positive digital footprint.

We tell students throughout high school to be careful of what they post online.  We tell them the Internet is written in ink, that you can't take back things that are out in cyberspace.  But with a great blog a student begins to create an interesting and appropriate digital footprint.

Allows them to explore a topic they love

In Richard St. John's 8 to be Great, he says the top trait that all successful people have in come is Passion.  Passion for what they do.  He tells students to find what they love and find a way to make money at it.  In the past I've had students write about politics, sports, hair and make-up, fashion...the list is plentiful!

Practice written communication skills

Students have been drilled for years on how to write a formal essay. But blogging allows for a more casual writing style while still communicating with a larger audience.

Make a little money

In the past some students' blogs have gone a little viral!  Other bloggers have noticed them and ask for guest blogging services with a wider audience.  Giving them a little bit of cash is a great benefit!

Simply writting and publishing a blog is so 2008!  A blogger really needs to offer readers something of value.  Something that keeps them coming back.  That will be my next step in this project.  What can I help students give their audience that is of value?  A product? A service? An uplifting word?

Do you have students blog?  How do you make it work?

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