Monday, October 17, 2016

Best Uses for G-Suite in Your Classroom

Recently I've been on a mission to encourage teachers to use G-Suite (FKA Google Apps for Education).  G-Suite is safe, free, allows students to collaborate, organize and connect to a global society.  I think one of the most convincing ways to get anyone to do anything is to show them the best uses.  Below are some of the ways I implement the apps from G-Suite in my classroom.

Google Docs

Essay Writing and Collaborating Annotation

Essay Writing - College admissions can be such a source of anxiety for seniors.  Having a strong handle on the essay can give students a feeling of control. I use Google Docs to work collaboratively on an essay with a student, giving comments in the margins and making recommendations via Suggestion Mode. Read more about how you can use Google Docs.

Collaborating on Annotation
After students read and annotate on their own I have them create a shared Doc that allows them to annotate collaboratively on the same document, commenting on one another's annotation and therefor a complete class analysis of one reading.

Google Forms

Quizzes, Surveys, Ticket- outs

Forms is a great way to get the pulse of your classroom via formative assessment. I embed videos and slideshows to introduce, reinforce or assess information.

Google Sheets

Stats and Responses

In Psychology my students study basic statistics.  I use Sheets to help teach them the mean, median, and mode.  It's a great way to incorporate G-Suite into a lesson on stats, give students a basic understand or review of spreadsheets, and allow for a visual of the surveys they give on local crime. I then have students present using Google Slides.  They can embed a chart of their stats in the presentation, allowing for visual aesthetics and style.

Once students have responded to a Form, I tally them in a spreadsheet so I can get an overview of the results.  At times I grade the results using the add-on Flubaroo, which is a very handy tool for assessing quickly.

Google Classroom

The hub of your class assignments, announcements and grading, Classroom is an essential tool in communicating with students and parents.  I post all assignments, discussions and grades. One of the best features of Classroom is discussion.  Many times I'll post a controversial topic in Psychology to get a debate going.  Many times the quietest students are the most vocal online.  It's great stuff!

These are a few just to get you started.  If you'll be at Mass CUE next Wednesday, visit my workshop Is Google Taking Over the World? @ 2 pm Red Level 71.

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