Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Grading Papers: Turnitin vs. Google Docs

Ahhhhh! That Zeal of September is wearing off quite fast as I look at my Google Classroom site and see there are 62 college essays that need grading and returning...many for November 1 deadlines.  I started wishing for an assistant who could help me....But alas I 'only' have my technology.....

My school subscribes to for all teachers and students.  The cost is about 1-2 dollars per student.  The administration sponsored an afternoon of PD on how it could service our grading needs.  The great piece about turnitin is that it will track when a student has used work from another source. So in terms of tracking academic integrity issues it is excellent.  (See the video below for a demo on using it for this purpose.)  Another feature of turnitin is the grading feature.  It allows you to create quick marks for common problems in student writing. If I notice a lot of issues with capitalization, for example, I can create a quickmark to click and drag onto the student's essay. Another great feature of turnitin is that a teacher can load a rubric or scoring guide to attach to each assignment.  It can make grading a lot easier.

Google Docs

As part of the Google Apps for Education suite (now called G-Suite) Docs is a cornerstone of any teacher's ability to assign, grade and return student writing assignments. The comment feature is a wonderful way to grade student writing.  (See below for a video on how easy this can be.)  Docs also allows a teacher to create quickmarks as well.  Click on tools then preferences to create tailor made remarks for common issues in a particular class or on a particular assignment.

I use both and Google Docs to aide in my grading. They both have features that assist in making student learning more independent and at the same time collaborative.
Happy Grading!

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