Thursday, November 17, 2016

Google Classroom: Using the Question Feature

My next few posts will be a series on my use of Google Classroom.  I know there are a lot of tutorials out there so I'm joining the party! For years I've been interested in how to blend technology into my everyday classes.  Never have I been so excited to engage students as when Google Classroom became available for use at my district.  Classroom is the hub of where I post assignments, announcements and resources for my students.

Though we are not a 1:1 school, I've found Classroom to be an easily accessible site.  I post discussion questions, assignments, announcements, Slideshows, and commonly used scoring guides/rubrics. I also engage students with the discussion question. Aside from the practical uses Classroom offers (a centrally located place for all assignments, etc.), it allows you to communicate directly with students and parents. Our Student Information System offers similar features, but Classroom is so user friendly and the G-Suite apps allows for seamless intergration.

Recently I used the Question feature in Classroom for students to engage outside of the classroom about a topic in Psychology.  It was a great exercise in online discussions and identifying psychology in real life.  I posted an article as resource and asked students to research a concept to apply to the topic of the article.  Here's a Doc with the assignment, article and question.  The responses were amazing! I was so pleased at the ease of how they communicated online.  They were respectful, interested and interesting in their comments.  A simple tool on Classroom allowed for a complex discussion of societal behavior.  A win on both ends!

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