Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Aristotle's Amygdala: Gamifying and Providing Feedback Using G-Suite

My students are living in a world where immediate feedback is the norm.  Gone are the days of taking the Cosmo quiz and looking in the back of the magazine to see which one of the Friends you are!  Because instant gratification is now a matter of fact, one of my ongoing challenges in preparing students for the AP Psychology exam is getting them excited about reviewing. The course and the exam are so content heavy that reviewing can feel overwhelming.  This year I decided to 'gamify' part of my review activities in an effort to provide immediate feedback on what students know and what they need to review.  Aristotle's Amygdala, Man Crush Monday Adventure and Edgey the Elephant's Experiment are a few examples.  I created these adventures using Google Slides and Forms.  For every adventure the student completes he/she earns an electronic badge (made using Google Drawings).
Each day students work their way through an online adventure -
The student pastes the badge on an electronic gameboard.
As seniors, many students acted 'too cool for school' but deep down they were working hard for those badges!

Another great way to provide effective, timely feedback is to use the Google Forms feature "Go to Section Based On...." Forms is a terrific way to give students and teachers formative assessment information that can inform instruction.  This feature can bring formative assessment to a new level.  Using the multiple choice type question, teachers can automatically direct students to a review video or another type of explanation based on whether the student got the question correct. Here is one of the Forms I used for a review on mental illness. Below is a video explaining what this looks like behind the scenes.  (For those Psych teachers out there some info is outdated...I corrected the info about PTSD and OCD in teh DSM V within the Form itself - the link is above.)
It's my hope that the excitement for review and  timely meaningful feedback, will help to carry students through the AP Exam. Keep Calm and get a 5!

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