Monday, April 24, 2017

Read, Annotate, Innovate!

In many ways, outside reading has been a mystery to me.  I teach in a Social Studies department and unfortunately there is not always enough time to have students complete an outside reading book that complements history and social science content. This term, though, I decided to give it a whirl, making time for book selections, projects and round table discussions. My hope was to enhance student understanding of psychology content. I wanted to have students create based on their reading. I wanted persuing the highest level on Bloom's Taxonomy. Per usual my students did not disappoint. They had several options from which to choose.

Students had to choose three projects off the tic tac toe board. They had a month to read their chosen book and work on their project. On the due date students presented in small group round robin style.  They posted a Google Doc with all the links to their projects via Google Classroom.
Choice is a beautiful thing....especially for seniors heading out to college in a few months. Choosing their own book and creation project allowed them to critically think about content in a way they never would be able to without it.  I will definitely assign outside reading in the future.  It truly deepens student understanding of content!

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