Thursday, May 18, 2017

Start Small with the Littles

Recently my hometown voted at its annual town meeting to allocate funding for the school department to institute a 1:1 device program for all students pre-k through 12.  What a committment to technology and our children's education!  I have a kindergartener and a second grader at home and as a teacher with a passion for technology integration I could not be happier!  They were already receiving a top-notch education and I am hopeful that the technology will enhance the already great things the teachers are doing.  If I had to offer a piece of advice to those elementary teachers I'd say start small!

Most children this age can drag and drop items on an iPad or Chromebook so I say start with Google Drawings!  Creating assignments in Google Drawings has become one of my favorite ways to provide instruction for both big and little kids.  I decided to try my hand at creating some assignments for the Littles (as our local school drama director calls her youngest stars).  Here is an example of how teachers can start small by providing our youngest students some meaningful content using technology.  I love the drag and drop concept for these activities.  Little hands can either click or use the arrow keys on the Chromebooks to move the letters or words onto the board.  A teacher can also differentiate instruction by giving students extra review or enrichment activities via Google Classroom. Sight words or higher level concepts such as methaphors/similes can also be taught with a little technology integration.
As with anything new there will be bumps....but in the end students (and teachers!) will benefit by integrating a little tech into the lessons with the Littles!

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