Monday, May 1, 2017

Using G-Suite to Innovate Vocabulary Study

I'm sure if you're reading this you're an education geek like me! I just cannot get enough how to up my game in the classroom. One way to to do this is for you to harness the power of G-Suite for Education.  Google Classroom is a great app to start with because it works as an interactive platform for the other G-Suite apps. A new and exciting feature of Classroom is the ability for a teacher to assign different assignments to individual students or groups of students. This week I had my first foray into using this feature. My AP Psychology students were reviewing for a test. Their task was to create five-sided flashcards for the concepts in the unit. If you're curious about the Five-Sided Flash card here's a great article.
I wanted students working in their groups/families/teams so I assigned each group a set of Slides with the definitions.  (I needed to create a set of slides for each group. This was the most time consuming part of the prep.)  Once I had 7 sets for my 7 groups, I went about assigning students in their groups, posting the slideshow for each group. Then the real learning began!
Each group went to work dividing the concepts among themselves.  Then they got to work creating the five sided flashcards. Students were engaged and working the entire period.  I walked the classroom looking over shoulders, answering questions and clarifying examples. After class I was able to 'flip' through each slide deck to make comments and encourage critical thinking using the comments feature. Here's a copy of the assignment slideshow. Feel free to make a copy and modify as needed.


  1. I saw this article on Teaching HS Psych and I love this concept- but I am stalled applying this to reality. A flashCARD has two sides. Practically speaking, what does a 5-sided flashcard look like? How did your students divide the slides for you? How would a student use this as a study tool?

    1. Hi Matt - I know what you mean! A flashcard is only two not really a flashcard in the traditional sense of the word! The sample at the end of the post should help you with the organization piece. The look to the five-sided can take any form you think is helpful. I had a teacher create a graphic organizer in the shape of a pentagon with each piece written in one section. For my students' slides they organized the slide anyway they felt helpful. It's helpful as a study tool because it works with the schema they already have. :)