Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer is for HyperDocs and Hot Fudge Banana Boat Sundaes!

My HyperDoc Defintion Infographic
 made entirely in Google Drawings
This spring I have enrolled in the HyperDocs Boot Camp. For those of you not familiar with HyperDocs please, please, please visit their website hyperdocs.co. Simply, it is an amazing lesson design process using the G-Suite apps.  HyperDocs allow both students and teachers to get the most out of learning using the best pedagogical methods and design elements. One of my assignments was to create a visual definition of what I think HyperDocs is.  I chose to revisit my childhood and compare HyperDocs to the Banana Boat Hot Fudge Sundae at my favorite dairy farm and ice cream shop, Crescent Ridge Farm. Below is a run down of my comparison. Such a fun assignment and one that is totally applicable to any content area.  I love how the HyperDoc Girls model what they are teaching us to do. Such great professional development!

I chose to focus on the importance of HyperDocs instead of the elements of a HyperDoc, eg. the five E’s, because everyone uses a slightly different model.  These are what I perceive to be the important pieces that go into designing a HyperDoc.

The Banana - The healthy part of this sundae represents great pedagogy - the foundation of every strong HyperDoc!

The Strawberry Ice Cream - The delicious foundation that everyone loves represents the content.  The ice cream serves as the building blocks of the sundae as content does for a HyperDoc.

The Hot Fudge - So rich in flavor! The rich part of the lesson during which students engage and explore, apply and extend while uncovering new content.

The Whipped Cream - The first thing you see in your sundae! In a HyperDoc it is the packaging!  A student sees and uses the cornucopia of G-Suite apps while working through a HyperDoc!

The Cherry - The cherry on top! Not a necessity but is visually appealing on a sundae.  The visual appeal of a HyperDoc is what stands out among the boring set of lessons we may have taught previously.

How do you HyperDoc??!!

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