Monday, July 31, 2017

Fabulous Flipgrid Uses

So... yes...I got it... #FlipgridFever!  So much so that I had to get the official Flipgrid certification!  If you haven't heard of or are unsure of what Flipgrid is please see their website.  It is an extremely powerful tool you can use to make your classroom more engaging.  Here are 10 ways you can use Flipgrid in your class this week!

Getting to Know You (beginning of the year activity):  Post a new Flipgrid topic for your students to introduce themselves to you and talk about favorite summer activities.  This solves two problems: Getting background about your students and introducing them to using Flipgrid on a low key assignment.

Create a Virtual Book Club: So many ways to incorporate book clubs into any subject area.  I assigned this for an outside reading project for my AP Psychology classes.

Scavenger Hunt: Every year we plan a senior class field trip to Harvard Square.  Students are charged with completing a scavenger hunt of the various landmarks.  Student groups give their responses in a grid topic at each landmark they reach.  For example..."Here we are at the Statue of Three Lies...and the three lies are..." The first group to post from each landmark wins!

Collaborate in Small Groups: Post a topic for each small group in class and have them collaborate on an inquiry question or even a project.  It will get them used to working with others  who are at different locations!

Set GoalsHave students set goals at the beginning of the year or term.  Give them check points to discuss their progress and have other students post words of encouragement along the way!

Reflect on Learning: Assign students to reflect using a Top Ten they learned in class this term...learning can be about content, skills or relationships!

Thank a Guest Speaker: Each student can give a quick 'note' of thanks to the speaker by posting a few words on the grid.  Bonus if they say what they learned or loved the most from the talk!

Demo an Experiment or Activity: Give students the opportunity to explore learning by doing a quick demo of an extension activity.

Ticket to Ride: Assign students to discuss their #1 take-away from today's lesson while also commenting on three classmates' posts.

Messages Between Parents and Students: Both students and parents will appreciate kind and proud words about academic successes...a great way to build relationships around academics...High School teachers will definitely benefit from more communication between teens and parents!

**Bonus for Psychology Teachers!***

1. Sensation and Perception: Have students explain, using examples, the difference between top down and bottom up processing.

2. Outside Reading: Have students give 1-3 minute book talks to entice others to read the book.

3. Opening day (or week) assignment: Students tell why they are taking Psychology.

4. Human Development: After studying Erik Erikson's stages, ask students to respond by discussing a situation in their life that demonstrates one of the stages/crises.

6. Extra Credit or just for fun: Psychology Trivia - First person who gets the answer correct wins the prize!

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