Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Golden Age of Podcasts - Part One

This past school year was a year of firsts for first time doing an Olympic lift with weights, my first time watching House of Cards (yes - I'm late to the party on that one!) and my first time listening to podcasts.  One of my neighbors recommended Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History podcast and so began my obessession!  Gladwell's podcast is his typical wonderous story telling about little known or overlooked situations in history.  He kept me capitivated for an hour each episode. (And yes I'm a Gladwell groupie...I even teach Outliers as part of my psychology class!)

One of the things I love most about podcasts is that it harkens back to the golden days of radio...listening to stories or news gathered in the living room around that talking box.  There's something so charming and quaint about it.  But today I can listen on my way to work in the car or on while running on the treadmill.  It's now the Golden Age of Podcasts!

Once I finished Gladwell I was in need of something else to sink my 'ears' into... I ran a search and found so many podcasts I couldn't keep count...  Here are some of my favorites:

Hacking Engagement: James Sturtevant, history teacher extraordinaire, discusses practical ways in which teachers can engage kids in class - tomorrow. His relaxed but upbeat style, use of students and teachers as guests, and his breadth of knowledge make for informative and entertaining listening.  I had the honor of speaking with Jim in Episode 63 about the importance of building relationships with students through timely, meaningful feedback.

House of EdTech: Chris Nessi hosts this meaty podcast about tech integration in the classroom.  His range of knowledge in all things ed tech is nothing short of amazing! His episodes are so varied that there's something for everyone. I love the year end smack down!  

Google Teacher Tribe: 'Super excited' to bring you this one! The GGT is hosted by expert presenters and teachers Kasey Bell and Matt Miller.  There are no words to describe how great these two are!  Their podcast discusses all things Google as pertaining to teaching.  I listen to their talks every Monday morning and inevitably I change my lesson in order to use what they were talking about. It is a treasure trove of information if you're an education and G-Suite lover. 

Cult of Pedagogy: I bow down to Jennifer Gonzalez! She is smart, contemporary and substantive on all things education. Her topics range from tech ed to helping students avoid plagiarism to supporting English learners in the classroom. Relevant for both new and veteran teachers, Cult of Pedagogy is brilliant!

There are so many others that I know colleagues and friends love to listen to. What podcasts are you listening to?  

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