Sunday, November 5, 2017

Eight Apps and Extensions for Providing Meaningful, Timely Feedback

From preK to twelfth grade students should be provided with feedback that will help them achieve the skills and content that will help them thrive.  Here are some to get you started!

Flipgrid: Yes I got it! #FlipgridFever!  It's a revolutionary digital discussion tool used by preK-PhD educators.  If you're unfamiliar with it please check out  You can post a question or topic and students can comment in a short video.  As the teacher you can then comment, providing quick and meaningful feedback.  I have a free course for teachers to help get you started.  Great tool!

Read and Write for Google: This is a Chrome extension that helps teachers and students by allowing both to use voice to type technology and a variety of other tools.  It allows teachers to highlight comments and give students meaningful feedback.  To add the extension click here.

Google Docs (comment and suggestion feature): Who doesn't love Docs for it's ability to allow students (and teachers!) to collaborate, share, create...but did you know that it allows for you to comment in the margins, notifying students immediately via email? Teachers can also use suggestion mode within the text of student writing.  See here for a how-to video.

CheckMark extension: A great Chrome extension that when highlighting text, several standard writing issues in a keyboard. Click and it makes a comment automatically. Click here for the add-on.

Google Forms: The possibilities with Forms are endless! I use it as a means for formative assessment. Giving students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge or skills.  I use the Go-To Section feature.  Based on what students answer Forms directs them to a section for either review or enrichment activities.  Here's a sample of a Form I used for students to review for the AP Psych exam.

Google Slides: It's not your grandmother's presentation software! Slides allows teachers to create an adventure for students as they review material.  I created a build your own adventure review game based on Sylvia Duckworth's template.  It brought students through an adventure as they answered questions.  As they complete an adventure they earned a badge for their game board.  Great fun!

Goobric with Doctopus add-on for Sheets: This is one amazing add-on! It allows teachers to insert a rubric on the set of papers, customizing it for each student.  Complete with the ability to assign point values and comments, this add-on is very comprehensive.  Here's a demo!

Screencastify: This is another Chrome extension allowing students and teachers to create screen casts.  I use it to flip my instruction but I've also used it to provide students with personalized feedback.  This  is particularly helpful when demonstrating a skill for a student. Here's a demo.  Click here to get the Screencastify extension.

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