Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hyperdocs and Podcasts

In an earlier post I discussed how we're in the Golden Age of Podcasts.  There are so many podcasts out there to help guide your professional development.  But did you know they're a great resource for students as well? Below I tackle three ways you can use Podcasts in your Hyperdocs or other digital lessons.

YouTube + Edpuzzle + Favorite Podcast = Greatness!
Most podcasts are also posted on YouTube for easy access. You can find a podcast for students, upload it to Edpuzzle and embed questions that will enhance student engagement. Put a link to the completed Edpuzzle in your Hyperdoc and voila you've got great digital packaging.

Student Curation is a great way to utilize student higher level thinking. You can always have students curate podcasts that are relevant to content.  For example Malcolm Gladwell's podcast Revisionist History can be paired with 20th century American History Hyperdoc. Students can listen, make connects, and write about significance.

Student create podcasts are some of the best content I've gotten from students in recent years.  They love sharing their thoughts and new knowledge to a larger audience. Websites like Vocaroo and Spotify work so well for student recordings and uploads.

You can embed a podcast into such digital packages as Nearpod and Deck.toys to up the student engagement and application.

How are you using podcasts?

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