Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Curation Station: Hyperdocs for Student Exploration in Six Steps

Sweeping Google nation right now are the use of Hyperdocs.  If you haven't gotten on this bandwagon yet you don't know what you're missing!  A hyperdoc is a digital lesson plan designed using the G-Suite apps. They have transformed how I teach! I first discovered Hyperdocs when I was presenting at the MassCUE conference in Massachusetts a few years ago.  A teacher raised her hand and asked if I'd heard of Hyperdocs.  From there I didn't turn back!

Now I incorporate Hyperdocs into every unit. My students do so well with them! And now I'm happy to bring you my ebook - Curation Station!  I realized early on in my Hyperdocs journey that my students wanted and needed a way to explore the content in a way that met their needs. To that end, I almost always add an EXPLORE section to my Hyperdoc design. A great way to have students explore content is through curation. Not only do they get to engage with the content, but they have to use higher level skills of evaluation, synthesis and analysis. This ebook gives you step by step instructions on how to create a curation assignment as part of a Hyperdoc design.  It also provides samples of how I’ve used them in class.  Using these steps you will see students immersed in content like never before while soaring to new heights of content understanding!  

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