Manage Your Classroom

Many believe that flipping instruction and using ed tech tools is just a case of showing students videos at home and then having them complete work in class on laptops.  But it's been so much more than that for me.  It involved changing my classroom space, supplies and the way I interacted with students during class time.


Managing class time is a skill they try to teach us in teacher school.  I'm 20 years into this gig and I'm still learning each day a new way to manage my time.  My school has had several schedules over the years but we recently settled on a traditional 7 period, 5 day schedule.  No rotation! For a 50 minute block of time I've found three-four activities/learning opportunities to be best.  With blended instruction I use some technology and some non-technology methods. 


If you're blending your classroom using the Flipped Instruction model then grouping students in clusters of 4-5 might be a great option. The last two years I've used this model and each cluster becomes their own study group. You have built in groupings for most instruction and students can collaborate very easily.  Yes, there's chit chat and yes there's more of a need for attention getting lectures.  But it's worth it!


To plan for a blended lesson I need to make sure the technology is available and working.  I tend to do my best work in the morning, so early to rise is always my best bet.  Getting to school early on a day when technology is a focal point is a must. We are not on a 1:1 device system but there are seven carts with approximately 30 Chromebooks each that teachers can sign out.  At my schoo 1-2 days in advance gives a teacher ample time.  If you're interested in how our librarian and school administrators keep the cart system organized click here.

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