Resources for Blending/Flipping Your Instruction

 Resources for Flipping

Screencast/Webcast (webcam video) creation software - Screencasts capture what is on your computer screen and your voice or other sounds. Webcasts are videos of you speaking.

  1. - you can do both screencasts and web cam video; This offers a free option of unlimited number of videos, maximum 10 minutes a video; works on both Macs and PCs but not Chromebooks.

  1. Screencastify - Does both screencasts and webcam videos.  For those with Chromebooks this is an extension that can be found in the Chrome Webstore

  1. Quicktime - Does both screencasts and webcam videos. The software is on every Mac in the building and your laptop.
  1. iMovie - Movie editing software that is loaded on every Mac including your Macbook.

  1. Nimbus - Does both screencasts and webcam videos.  This is a Chromebook extension found in the Chrome Webstore.

  1. Explain Everything - This tablet/iPad app costs 3.99 but allows you to draw on your tablet and capture your screen and your voice.  

To Embed Questions in Videos or Text

  1.  - There is an array of pre-made videos with questions on this site.  You can also upload your own video and embed questions.  Students register for the site so that you can tally their results.  Videos and assignments can be auto loaded to Google Classroom right from the site.  A beautiful thing!
  2. - Another site that allows you to embed questions. You can also find the Crash Courses, Kahn Academy, and TED Talks on this site very easily and embed questions.  It also allows you to upload your own videos and embed questions.
  3. - A site that allows you to annotate texts (novels for example) and embed questions and videos so that as students read they answer the questions which are then tallied. (Haven’t used this yet but it looks like it could help re-engaged students to read.) You can also add your own texts e.g. web articles or Google Drive documents/PDFs. Texts (fiction and nonfiction) are relevant to most subjects - English, History, Science and they even have books in Spanish! 
  4. Google Forms - As part of the G-Suite for Education, Forms is a great way to flip or blend your instruction. Simply open a new form and add a video by clicking on the YouTube icon.

Tools for Inside and Outside of the Classroom

  1. G-Suite - Google Apps for Education is a suite of apps you have access to with our school email address. This includes Docs, Sheets, Slides, Classroom, YouTube, Calendar, Hangout, Keep, Blogger etc.  Many of you use them now.  They are very helpful tools to help with engaging students inside and outside of the classroom.
  2. - This website and app allows you to send notifications directly to students’ (and parents') phones.  You can schedule announcements in advanced or do them on the spot.  It works like texting except you can turn off their ability to ‘text’ you back.  Or you can keep it on!
  3. Schoology - A student information system similar to Aspen except it offers more tools such as PLCs you can join, an integration with and a host of other options.
  4. Evernote - Capture, index and remember information using a computer, phone, and web. Students can take notes, capture favorite videos, save web pages, and collaborate on projects using Evernote. It is the notebook of the 21st century. (I haven’t used this yet but I’ve heard great things.)

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